A Genuine Way to earn money Online Without any investment

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Now-a-days unemployment has increased to a great extent in India and expenses are increasing. In such a situation, this way to earn money can reduce your problems to a great extent, whether you are a student, do any other job, be a businessman or even if you are unemployed. This trick is for everyone. This article will prove to be very good for you and the most important thing is this is a genuine method and there is no need of any kind of investment in it.

You do not need any laptop or computer for this trick. Today you are going to know how you can earn ₹ 50000 / – or more per month sitting at home from your mobile.

For this, no degree or certificate is needed, just you should have some time and a mobile.

Now-a-days, more than one mobile app or website has come in the world of internet, which claims that you earn money from us and without any knowledge we start investing in it or do it according to their request. In such type of cases, sometimes we have to face many types of losses and sometimes we also become victims of fraud. But there is no investment of any kind in the platform which we are telling you, which is genuine.

Nowadays more than one financial product has come in this vast world of internet like credit cards, loan schemes, online savings accounts, demat accounts etc. “Gromo” is a mobile app through which we can generate substantial income by promoting these financial products. Let us know in detail…

There are many types of financial products on “Gromo” such as credit cards, demat accounts, savings accounts, investment plans, etc. We just have to promote these products and earning will be generated automatically. There is a different pay-out on each product. ₹ 300 on some, ₹ 500 on some, then up to ₹ 2200 can also be found on some. Let’s take you through and show you how it works…

First of all download theGromo App on your mobile. Click here to download. Then you can use our Referral Code “C6BT9323” and make additional income up to ₹ 250/-*. *(Terms and conditions apply)

Note: After downloading the app, you register yourself in it. After registering, you are also required to do your KYC in it because without KYC you will not get pay-out.

After all, this kind of dashboard will come in your Gromo app…

earn money

Here you can see that there are offers on the promotion of many different types of financial products, which you can promote and earn good income. In this, you can see credit card, savings account, demat account, loan plans etc.

For example, if you promote ICICI Bank credit card and whoever opens their credit card from your link or whose card is approved then you will get ₹ 500 / -. Similarly, many options are in front of us like IDFC First Bank Credit Card, Axis Credit Card, Kotak Savings Account, Jupiter Money Account, Bajaj Securities Demat Account, Paytm Money Demat Account, ICICI Demat Account etc.

You don’t have to do anything special for this. You have to select any product and select share. After clicking on share, a link will be generated in front of you which you can share through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc. As soon as any product is approved from your link, then its pay-out comes immediately in your “Gromo Wallet” which you can transfer to your bank account instantly. And in this way you can reach a huge income.

Let us understand how you can make maximum income from this…

We consider any two products like ICICI Credit Card or IndusInd Credit Card

ICICI Credit Card: ₹500/- per card income

If we refer only 10 customers in a whole day and out of that if the card of 5 customers also gets approved then one day income is getting ₹ 2500/-. According to this, the income per month is ₹ 75000 / -.

IndusInd Credit Card: ₹2200/- per card income

If we refer only 10 customers in the whole day and if the card of 2 customers also gets approved then one day income is getting ₹ 4400/-. According to this, the income per month is ₹ 1,32,000 / -.

This is only for one or two products. In such a situation, there are more than 40 products in this, by promoting which you can earn a good income every month or daily. And new products are always being added to it, which you can promote and make a good income.

Not only this, if you perform very well in this, then you can also win separate prizes for it like bike, scooty, mobile, etc.

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